Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Connie's Comment on Riin Gill's Blog

I haven't written a blog entry for a while because there just really isn't anything to write about..

Until now...

I wouldn't normally reply to a comment, made to me, from another blog but as I am no longer allowed to post on that blog, I figured that I would reply to the comment on my own blog:


Lisa needs to keep her nose to herself.

Connie, I am not the one that needs to "keep her nose to herself." I have JUST as much right to comment, about what has been going on, as John does.

When Riin came along, John was already in a well established relationship with me. And it was me that initially told John that I could tell Riin was falling in love with him. I am the one that told John to explore the feelings with her. So, he did.

Riin wants nothing to do with this jerk.

Until you've known John for as long as I have, OR any number of his friends and family, who also wrote on Riin's blog in John's defense, I think that you should keep your opinions to yourself about someone, and something, you know nothing about.

He needs to back off and find someone else to make miserable. Sounds like he has done that with Lisa already.

For your information, not that you really deserve a response, but John has not made me miserable. This situation has made both John and I miserable. John and I both loved Riin.

Granted, it took me quite a while to warm up to Riin being with John and I, because of my low self esteem issues and self confidence, and the fact that I am disabled and in a wheelchair, and my fear of abandonment, that I have had since my Dad pretty much disappeared from my life when I was a kid.

In the beginning, I admit that resented her, and him for that matter, for the hours that they would spend on the phone together in the bedroom and leave me out in the living room. Or when she'd come here to visit with us, I would get upset when they went out riding bicycles, or did other things without me, and left me home by myself.

For the first time since John and Riin got together, I was starting to warm up to her. It took some time, getting over my stubbornness and some doing, but I was.

Lisa needs to tend to her own business.

Connie, this is my business. Riin was coming here, not only to be with John, but John and I. She knew right from the start that John and I were a package deal.

Doesn’t sound like she is to happy with him at this time.

Actually, I am happy with John. It's this situation that I am not happy with.

Living with him for 9 years and he has never asked her to marry him. If he was happy with you he would of married you long ago.

Actually, he did ask me to marry him after 2 years of us being together. But, when Riin came into the picture that all changed because John didn't want to legally marry one of us without marrying the other. He didn't think that it was very fair to marry one and not the other.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Introducing Myself

Hi Everybody!

My name is Lisa Brewer. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada, but was born in Mississauga, Ontario. Moved back east, when I was just a little girl, as that is where my parents are both from. I am an only child. And, I have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and Scoliosis.

I am in a polyamorous relationship with John A. Ardelli, with whom I have been with for almost 11 years, and his ex-life partner, Riin Gill, with whom he is not with at the moment, but is trying to get to talk to him, and my partner Will Geyrden.

Some of the things I am interested in are:

  1. Reading true stories and romance novels
  2. Watching TV
  3. Listening to music
  4. Going to karaoke
  5. Going to wrestling Pay-Per-Views
  6. DJing on internet radio stations
Well, that is all I can think of for now as it is almost 5am, so I think I will sign off for the night and get some sleep. When I think of more to add, I will.